Thursday, March 27, 2014

Lenten Reflections: Build Up

" builds up." - 1 Corinthians 8:1

Within each of us lies the power to build up and destroy. We do a good job at construction, but unfortunately we demolish with greater skill and efficiency. We demolish what we've built, and take more pride in rubble than we do building supplies.  

Who have we demolished? Who have we built up? 

Demolition takes less time than construction. Demolition requires more force. 

Demolition is primal. 

Construction is evolutionary. 

Demolition is the world.

Construction is the Kingdom.

As followers of Christ, we've been built up. Demolition was our future, but through the love of Christ, we now have plans for construction and renovation. We been hired onto a construction crew. But in us still lies the choice. 

Being built up comes with a price. By being built up, Christ then calls us to build up.

A reciprocal construction contract.   


Build community.

Build relationships.

Build a new culture. 

Build the Kingdom.

We been given tools of construction, called to build up what we've previously destroyed; in our lives and the lives of others. Will we build up, as we've been built up? Will we construct.

Brick by brick, nail after nail, one stone at a time? Or one detonation?  


Lent is about realization. Lent is construction. But construction cannot begin without a clear analysis of what has been demolished. Our past is filled with demolition, but we begin looking forward to what our spirits can construct. Before us stands the Kingdom of God, with many projects in need of completion.  

Lord, send us Your Spirit, that we may be the kind of Church that builds, not destroys. Enable us to love one another, serve one another and forgive one another. Enable us to build rather than destroy. As You were torn down, help us to build up. As You have built us up, help us to build up as well, for the glory of Your Kingdom. Amen.  

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