Sunday, December 21, 2014

Advent Reflections - December 21


“For God so loved the world
that he gave his one and only Son,
that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life..”

John 3:16


Today we continue our journey into the forth and final week of Advent. We look back on the Hope that we have in Christ, his Peace that transcends our circumstances and the Joy that comes from a God that loves each of us despite our success or failure. We now reflect on that everlasting Love that God has for each and every one of us. The words of John 3:16 call to us from the prophecies of the Old Testament, are fulfilled in the birth of Christ and come to completion in his eventual death and resurrection. This common thread of God’s love stretches through the entire message of the Bible and reaches out to us in the most essential and holistic attribute of who God is. God is love. And His love is revealed in its purity through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Love is an all encompassing emotion; bringing both the greatest of joy and the deepest of pain. It’s no wonder that God uses love to illustrate who he is and what his kingdom is all about. In divine dichotomy, Jesus’ life on earth represented both the pinnacle of pain and suffering, and the deepest illustrations of love possible.  

As we celebrate this last Sunday of Advent, in the quiet of this moment, let us reflect not on the sufferings of life, but on the inexpressible joy in the birth of Christ. Reflect on the moment when God broke through this earthly realm, descended from his heavenly dwelling and made himself one of us. In the first breath that he drew, the love of God was revealed in a humble infant. The essence of love was revealed and became an earthly reality. Immanuel, God with us!                 


Most Gracious and Loving God, as we celebrate this last Sunday of Advent, we remember the deep love that you have for us. In the birth of your Son, Jesus Christ, we truly see how much you love the world. Let us remember that single truth regardless of our circumstances, regardless of who we are, what we’ve done or will do. Your love is eternal.  Your love is true. Your love is real. Your love is You. You are love.


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