Monday, September 16, 2013

Essential Prayer

When we shed all that does not matter in life, we discover that prayer is much more simple than we realize.

When we fully enter into prayer, without hindrance, distraction or selfish agendas, we find Christ at the center of all we are.

There is only Christ. Nothing else adds to our existence and nothing subtracts from it.

All is Christ and Christ is within all.

All that exists, exists through Christ.

All is created through Christ. Every thought. Every breath. Each step that follows the next is through Christ.

Christ is all.

When we reach this point of realization, our prayers become quite simple, natural and organically oriented toward God alone.

For when prayers that otherwise might have been offered with selfish intention find their origin in Christ, the center, we find that they come not from us, but Christ.

Our prayers become His intentions and not ours.

Our will is His will.

Our thoughts are His thoughts.

Our mind is His mind.

Christ s the center of our existence.

Nothing else matters.

Christ in us.

We in Christ. 

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