Monday, March 9, 2015

Lenten Reflections: Pilate

"Therefore Pilate said to Him, “So You are a king?” - John 18:37 

We offer cheap and ineffective defenses when we are threatened. Like scared little children, we defend our tiny little kingdoms and preserve what little control we have. The irony is that we are usually not threatened at all. The external factors that we consider threats, usually have nothing to do with us. The truth is, most of the world that revolves outside of our fortified cities doesn't really care about us and what we've built for ourselves. That's just reality. 
We are arrogant creatures at heart.

We defend what we don't have.

We protect what doesn't need protecting. 

What we defend is really not threatened.

Christ was no threat to Pilate, yet he chose to defend what needed no defense. Fueled by lies, deception and half truths, he chose to believe the propaganda that his kingdom might be destined for destruction. 

Pilate stockpiled pride.

He horded arrogance.

He was prepared for the future. 

In many ways, we're no different from Pilate. We believe the false threats and choose to put our faith in ourselves. We look our for #1. But what we fail to realize, is that while we build trust in ourselves, we diminish trust in Christ. Because.....

"I've got this God. You just keep the world spinning and me and my family will be just fine!"    

The world says THREAT. We defend.

The world says FEAR. We react.

The world says PREPARE. We stockpile and hoard. 

The world reveals the ENEMY. We shout CRUCIFY!  CRUCIFY! CRUCIFY! 

And wash our hands of the enemies blood. 

Lord, with our faith and trust rooted in You and You alone, we know that we have nothing to fear. No threat to our kingdoms. No reason to defend. No reason to protect. Help us to break down the cheap defenses that have been constructed. Yes, the world is a fearful place, Lord. It's easy to yield to the pressure. It's easy to believe the lies. Help us to be attune to You truth and only Your truth, as we make our way through this journey of faith. Amen   

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