Friday, March 15, 2013

Lenten Reflections: Connected

"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations," - Matthew 28:19

Matthew 28:19 often gets showed in the face of would-be evangelists as their marching orders. The clarion call to young zealous seminary graduates. 


Translation: Ask everyone you meet if they have a "personal relationship with Jesus". 

When they develop a glazed look across their face, nervously uttering, "Ummm. No.", hit 'em with shock and awe, asking, "Where are you going to be in 100 years?" 

Time for the "Sinners Prayer"! 

"How many people have you shared the Gospel with this week? I'm up to 15.5 people and it's only Wednesday!" 

It's frustrating when you think about how mechanical we've made our faith. We take a verse like Matthew 28:19 and turn it into something it was never intended to be. 

Making disciples is not about making "Christians".

Making disciples is not about "saving" people.

Making disciples is not a sales technique.

Making disciples is not about fear.

Making disciples is not about reciting a prayer.

Making disciples is not a numbers game.
When we "go and make disciples", we're going to connect; connect people to ourselves, connect people to community and connect people to Christ. We find ourselves living a life that refuses to be withdrawn. Connection is the only alternative. We are so compelled by following the ways of Christ, that we can't help but encourage others to follow Him as well.  We become spiritual magnets that attract others to be connected to us, and through us, connected to Christ. Making disciples is about following Christ. And unfortunately, many refuse to follow because they are confused by the Christ we follow.

The Jesus of 2013 looks very different from the one who actually walked the earth. Disciples of Jesus look very different from the ones who walked with Him. 

We've taken ownership of the Gospel and twisted it into Christianity.

We've taken ownership of Christ and twisted Him into _____________.

We're called to make disciples. We're called to connect. Engage. 

We're called into the culture around us, not out of it. We're called to live with people, not just sell them on an idea of salvation that will eventually mean nothing to them. 

We're called to draw those who are withdrawn, into a family of connection. Unity. But we can only accomplish this if we are connected ourselves.

Lord, send us out to make disciples. Send us out to connect. Send us out to build relationships. Send us out to build community. Keep us connected to You, so that others will see the need to connect to You as well. Let us live the Gospel in our lives so closely, that we have no need for words in bringing others into this family that follows Your Son. Amen.           


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