Friday, December 14, 2012

How long, O Lord? Thy Kingdom Come

I have no words of wisdom for what we've all witnessed today. Several people have asked me what I feel and my response has been just what anyone's response would be. I'm angry, sad, pissed off, sickened, afraid, shocked, discouraged, broken, etc. It sucks. I don't have any answers and to be honest, I'm glad. I don't want to offer any answers for the horror that has occurred this morning in Connecticut. I don't have any desire to be heard for my opinions right now. I don't care to express my views on gun control and I don't what to share what I believe about prayer in school. I don't want to offer my opinions on the moral state of our country and I don't care to share my view on any political connections to what has happened.  Overall, I have no opinions to share other than I hurt with you. I stand with you in your anger and I walk with you in your confusion. Like you, I ask why, and expect no reply.

What I will say is that this tragedy has only strengthened my resolve that the Church is the only hope this culture has today. As I have said countless times, and many folks have let me know how sick they are of my rhetoric, our main responsibility as followers of Christ is to forward the Kingdom of God. I believe with everything that I am that the realization of God's Kingdom is the only solution to the evil of this world. The Kingdom covers over violence. It alleviates pain, sadness and isolation. It heals, comforts and brings peace in times of fear. The Kingdom of God feeds the poor, clothes the naked and shelters the homeless.  It comes along side those that suffer and it loves them unconditionally. It guides the lost and puts others needs before our own. It has no need for more money, nicer cars, bigger homes or the advancement of careers. It covers the evil that exists and permeates this world. It protects little children and shields young men from killing them.

For the most part, the Church in America has failed. We have failed culture and we have failed each other. We've failed, refused rather, to bring God's Kingdom to fruition. We've contorted ourselves to mimic the culture around us to the point that culture sees nothing relevant in the Body of Christ; the Church. We all want to blame someone or something when we witness shocking events such as today. That's a human instinct and I get that. But rather than looking for some entity or scapegoat for the evil that angers us, perhaps we should look within. Perhaps the blame rests more on what we have failed to do, rather than what someone else has done. Perhaps we should look in the mirror instead of outside the window.

How long, O Lord? Thy Kingdom come....     

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