Monday, October 15, 2012

Random Observation

Random observation: Kids are the most curious of human being.

I'm a people watcher. Especially when plagued with writer's block, I can spend hours observing people and their interactions with one another. I also enjoy listening to conversations. Not eavesdropping, but just overhearing casual dialogue that occurs naturally in common gathering places. It's amazing at how much can be mirrored about culture by just spending a few hours in Starbucks.

Random observation: As a whole, most people have no self-awareness.  

Random observation: You can learn a lot about people by what they carve into wooden tables.

Observing others is a strange thing. Lives intersect on cultural roads and inadvertently beg for their personal significance to outweigh the other.  When you think about it, we all stand on level playing field and all evolve from the same spiritual cloth. Some of us have connected to the natural beat of life, and some of us miss it. Not by chance, but by quite natural urges. I wonder how this coincides with God's divine order of life and why such a dichotomy seems to exist. Did God ordain us to rhythmically interact on common ground, but we deviate on our own accord, distended to collide with others that deviate as well?

Random observation: Most people don't care.

Random observation: The truth has nothing to do with the reality around us.

Random observation: The man sitting next to me looks exactly like Alfred Hitchcock dressed in a Hawaiian shirt, running shorts and Topsiders.
As we journey through life, attuned to the path set before each of us, and intersecting as we go along, we long for connection. Connection to community to a natural longing that is embedded in each one of our spirits. Connection is a natural urge that we want to embrace, but often suppress because of certain social standards and misconceptions.  Usually, quite often in fact, we never really receive what we long for from others. Our desires often go unfulfilled.

Random observation: Whenever I see elderly ladies, I miss my grandmother.

Random observation: The further I move from "Church", the closer I feel to God.

When we push against the grain, finally producing what we want, we naturally may receive what we perceive as connection, but usually it pales in comparison to what we essentially longed for originally. Inevitably, when we fail to connect with others, we feel a disconnect with God as well. And this is one of the greatest mistakes that we make in our spiritual lives. When we attribute human characteristics to God, ignoring the divine, we actually set God up as being flawed. What we tend to forget is that within God lies only perfection. We screw up far to many relationships because of our own selfishness and failures. Let us not lump God into that category as well.          

Random observation: I sometimes hate the music that is forcefully pumped into my head at Starbucks.

Random observation: Just because we call it "community", doesn't mean it is.  

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